NFL Picks 2013

If it counts, I did pick the Ravens and the 49ers to be in Super Bowl XLVII last year.  Here goes.


NFC East: Redskins 11-5, Giants 9-7, Cowboys 8-8, Eagles 6-10.

NFC South: Falcons 12-4, Saints 12-4 (loses tiebreaker on division, gets wild card), Buccaneers 9-7, Panthers 7-9

NFC North Central: Packers 12-4 (home field via tie-breaker), Vikings 10-6, Lions 7-9, Bears 7-9.

NFC West: Seahawks 11-5, 49ers 11-5 (wild card), Cardinals 8-8, Rams 8-8.

AFC East: Patriots 10-6, Dolphins 8-8, Jets 6-10, Bills 5-11.

AFC South: Texans 13-3, Colts 12-4 (wild card), Titans 7-9, Jaguars 4-12.

AFC North Central: Bengals 11-5, Ravens 10-6 (wild card), Steelers 8-8, Browns 3-13.

AFC West Worst: Broncos 12-4, Raiders 7-9, Chargers 7-9, Chiefs 6-10.



Wild Card – AFC: Pats 27, Ravens 14; Colts 40, Bengals 21.  NFC: Redskins 35, 49ers 28; Seahawks 30, Saints 27.


Divsional Playoffs – AFC: Texans 35, Pats 28; Broncos 31, Colts 21; NFC – Packers 31, Seahawks 27; Falcons 23, Redskins 20.


Conference Championships – AFC: Broncos 23, Texans 10; NFC: Packers 27, Falcons 10.


SUPER BOWL XLVIII – Packers 31, Broncos 27.


At least I can travel that week to the NFL Experience.


What Was This End Of The World?

We survived the Mayans, and now I can safely say “Merry Christmas”.

Enough said.

Adios, Phillies Post-Season, Hello Real NFL Referees


Goodbye to the post season for the Phillies.  For the first time since 2007, the Philadelphia National League Baseball Club LLC will not have any October run.

And hello real NFL referees.  Took us the Inaccurate Monday Nightmare Reception to get rid of thesre Pop Warner officials:


The Dreaded 2012 NFL Picks

Let’s do this.

NFC East

Giants 12-4 (bye), Cowboys 11-5 (Wild card, win tiebreak vs. DET), Eagles 7-9, Redskins 6-10.

NFC South

Saints 10-6, Panthers 10-6 (loses tiebreak on division record), Falcons 9-7, Buccaneers 5-11

NFC North Central

Packers 11-5, Lions 11-5 (tiebreak loser on head-to-head, wild card), Bears 8-8, Vikings 4-12

NFC West Worst

49ers 13-3 (bye),  Seahawks 7-9, Rams 6-10, Cardinals 4-12

AFC East

Patriots 9-7, Bills 8-8,  Jets 8-8, Dolphins 7-9

AFC South

Texans 12-4 (bye), Jaguars 9-7, Titans 8-8, Colts 6-10

AFC Central North

Ravens 14-2 (bye), Steelers 13-3 (Wild card), Bengals 11-5 (wild card), Browns 2-14

AFC West Worst

Raiders 9-7, Broncos 9-7 (loses tiebreaker on divisional record), Chargers 8-8, Chiefs 8-8



Wild Card

AFC: Pats 31, Bengals 17;  Steelers 24, Raiders 23

NFC: Packers 31, Cowboys 27; Saints 30, Lions 23.


Divisional Playoffs

AFC: Texans 30, Pats 20; Ravens 28, Steelers 24.

NFC: Giants 27, Packers 24; 49ers 31, Saints 27,


Conference Championships

AFC: Ravens 30, Texans 23

NFC: 49ers 28, Giants 24.


Super Bowl XLVII

49ers 30, Ravens 27.


If you don’t like them, don’t ask.

The End of the World As We Know It…

Forget the Mayans.  Penn State, once a great college football power, is facing what could very well be the harshest penalties since SMU because of the Sandusky scandal.  I’ll update you through the day.

UPDATE (9 AM EDT):  First, they took down the Joe Paterno statue and an artist removed the halo from his image on a mural following the infamous Freeh Report Witch Hunt Novel, and now it’s time for the piper to get paid.

Four years without a bowl, a $60 million fine to be used toward establishling child abuse program around the country, loss of ten schlorships per year as well, vacate all wins from 1998 through 2011 and the athletic department placed on five years double secret probation for this.  Unfair.  Completely unfair.

UPDATE (11:10 am EDT):  The B1G just tacked losing next four years of the conference’s bowl shares of over $13 million.

Paging Ms. Jackson (If Youre Nasty)…

Well it looks like the NFL won’t have British rapper M.I.A. to be invite d to any future league endorsed events after delivering the Stone Cold Salute during Madonna’s halftime performance.

One Thing Before I Forget…

Merry Christmas.