You Know, He’s Only Kidding…

From 49er16’s Must List this week, I gave him a recipe for some special Halloween Deviled Egg,s and he replies…

I have to ask, what kind of treats does he gives kids on Halloween? Does he really give trick and treaters deviled eggs? “Oh I love your Superman costume, here’s a deviled egg.” I would immediately turn around and throw that egg at his car.

*I’m kidding of course. If I know JC as well as I think, he actually gives the kids the big candy bars and not the little mini’s and the kids will remember his house forever. I remember the houses that gave the big candy bars but that’s probably because I’m fat and fat people remember things like that.


Well, when I dressed as Alice in Wonderland one Halloween, I gave out juice bottles with “DRINK ME” labels on them.  And besides, SEPTA is my mode of transportation as I don’t own a car.  He tweeted me that he virtually threw a deviled egg at my door.  Been worse, my friend.  I once had a Smashing Pumpkin (not Billy Corigan) thrown at my door.


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