Why I Am Thankful This Year

One year ago today, Thanksgiving 2010, I was in the hospital known as Franfkord Hospital Torresdale Division (sorry Aria Health, I’m partial to the older name) and underwent a quadruple bypass heart operation, or as they call it, a “cabbage”.

This would mark the first time that I would spend this holiday without family.  Getting there was the long story, as it were, as two weeks earlier, I thought I had a severe case of asthma, so my doctor sent me to Frankford Division to have X-rays done.  However, what happened next would change my life – and luck – forever.

They found out that I has a weakened heart (only 15% working) and ultimately, led to the operation.  The next day being Thanksgiving, I had to throw myself to the almighty puking monster four times; thankfully, I had my turkey dinner two days earlier.  Much of it was medicine from the operation, so I passed on the turkey thank you.

Well, after that, much of the time was spent flat on my back, not allowed to even get out of bed and walk.  The rest of the year, I was in the hospital recovering and being in rehab to walk again (almost a year later, it was finally discovered that I had vericose veins in my legs) and spent Christmas with my family a day early on December 24.

Also changed were the food I could eat.  First, I can’t have anything with caffine in it – including what was my vice, chocolate – nor was I have to have encased meats such as hot dogs, sausage or anything that is a pork product, as well as prohibiting leafy veggies and cranberries.  As far as the doctor making these decisions, he was a sadomasochist that did not even allow me to drink water, making me poop out in dry squares.

So that is why I am thankful to be here.  Thanks for hearing me out.  We will return to our regularly scheduled blog this weekend.

About jamesrussellcraven
Native Philadelphian, longtime sports fan and man about bon vivant.

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