The Mourning After #12,000

Well, haters.  You got your wish.  You just drove FOX and TBS’ ratings to new all-time lows.  Kennesaw Molehill Selig, Interim Commissioner of Major League Baseball for Life, is disrought as we speak.  In Los Angeles and Atlanta, people will fly off the sides of buildings at Fox Sports headquarters and CNN Center.


The Red Sox choked (yes, I said it), the Yankees failed against the Tigers, and the Phillies, the last great big market hope, fell to the St. Louis Cardinals Flying Squirrels.  Sure, Dallas-Fort Worth and Detroit are major markets in their own right, but nobody knows about these teams outside those markets, and small market teams in Milwaukee and St. Louis, in the shadows of Chicago, aren’t exactly big money makers.


In all this, the question of “Is 102 wins enough for a successful season?” for the Phillies, the answer is “No.”  If George Steinbrenner were not running the Yankees from his grave via his crazy son Hank, he’d fire people in Philly.  And for me, no more baseballl watching this year.  I’ll watch college football, pro football (except the Eagles for obvious reasons), hockey, hell, I’ll even watch soccer in foreign tongues for the rest of the month.


I’ll make my points on the Phillies later in the week.

About jamesrussellcraven
Native Philadelphian, longtime sports fan and man about bon vivant.

One Response to The Mourning After #12,000

  1. Justin F. says:

    Why should a 162-game journey be judged by a five game small sample size where there is not enough time for luck dependent events such as the outcomes of balls in play to even out?

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