The Quest Begins for Lord Stanley

No more shootouts.  Overtime goes on forever.  Yup, the NHL officially starts the quest for the Chalice of Lord Stanley this Wednesday (4/13)

First, let’s look at the Eastern Conference:

(8) New York Rangers vs. (1) Washington: Fair warning, the top seed has not escaped to the finals the last few years.  Rangers in six.

(7) Buffalo vs. (2) Flyers: Do the year “1975” ring a bell?  Flyers in six.

(6) Montreal vs. (3) Boston: It really sucks to live in Canada, only two of the teams there made the playoffs.  One will be gone soon.  Bruins in five.

(5) Tampa Bay vs. (4) Pittsburgh: The big question is how will Cyndy Crosby be involved.  My gut says not much.  Lightning in seven.

Now, the Western Conference:

(8) Chicago vs. (1) Vancouver: Well, The defending Stanley Cup champs got in the service entry even after losing to Detroit on Sunday (4/10), but Vancouver is just too good.  Canucks in six.

(7) Los Angeles vs. (2) San Jose: I’ll make Keith happy here.  Sharks in seven.

(6) Phoenix  vs. (3) Detroit: I have as much of a chance of dating the oft injured WWE Diva Melina as the ‘Yotes have of beating Detroit.  Red Wings in six.

(5) Nashville vs. (4) Anaheim: It is a coin flip, and my coin said…  The Team Formerly Known As The Mighty Ducks in seven.

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Native Philadelphian, longtime sports fan and man about bon vivant.

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