The Dreaded 2010 NFL Picks

Since nobody asked… (Wild Card teams with asterisks)


EAST: Dallas 12-4, NY Giants 10-6, Washington 7-9, Beagles 6-10 (Andy Reid gets the gate after the season and so does a certain dogkilla.)

NORTH CENTRAL: Minnesota 12-4 (Earns bye with head-to-head win over Dallas), Green Bay 12-4* (Pack loses tiebreak on head-to-head sweep by Judas Favre), Da Bears 7-9, Detroit 6-10.

SOUTH: N’Awlins 13-3, Atlanta 10-6* (earns Wildcard with better conference record), Carolina 8-8, Yuckaneers 2-14.

WEST: San Francisco 9-7, Arizona 8-8, Seattle 4-12, St. Louis 1-15.  Easily the worst division in football this year.


EAST: New England Belecheats 11-5, NY Jets 10-6, Miami 9-7, Buffalo 5-11.

NORTH CENTRAL: Baltimore 12-4, Pittsburgh 9-7, Cincinnati 7-9 (TO and Chad Johnson throws everyone under the bus), Cleveland 5-11 (Mankini gets sacked and Holmgren takes over after the season.  You heard it here first.)

SOUTH: Indianapolis 13-3, Tennessee 11-5*, Houston 11-5 (misses playoffs on divisional and wildcard tiebreakers), Jacksonville 8-8.

WEST: San Diego 13-3 (loses in Divisional Playoffs, Norvface gets fired), Denver 11-5*, Kansas City 8-8, Oakland 4-12.

PLAYOFFS – NFC – Dallas beats Atlanta, San Francisco beats Green Bay in Wild Card; New Orleans tops San Francisco and Minnesota beats Dallas; Minnesota gets revenge on Saints and wins trip to Dallas.

AFC – Ballmaur beats Denver and Pats lose to Tennessee; Titans fall to Colts while Chargers upset by Ravens; Colts win in OT over Ravens.

SUPER BOWL XLV – In front of largest crowd to attend the Big Game, the Vikings beat the Colts for Favre’s last stand, and to celebrate, the Minnesota state government gives them a new stadium to play in come 2015.

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Native Philadelphian, longtime sports fan and man about bon vivant.

2 Responses to The Dreaded 2010 NFL Picks

  1. Matt K. says:

    If the Vikings don’t win the Super Bowl this year, what are the odds that the Vikings will relocate? The possibility of them relocating makes me feel really sad because the Vikings have been my team for the last two decades and it will never be the same if they leave Minnesota.

  2. I doubt they will relocate in the next few years. While the Metrodome, er, Mall of America Field is a dump NFL wise, a new retractable domed stadium with at least 72,000 seats will get a Super Bowl up there in a decade.

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