This Shit’s Getting Tired in Philly

Last October, one of New York’s Finest Vanity Newspapers delivered a scathing Photoshipping of Shane Victorino and a cheerleader skirt, and then dubbed the Phillies as “the Frillies” in the headline.

The next day, the Philadelphia Daily News delivered a editorial cartoon of A-R*id and Derek Jeter in tutus made of money and necklaces of needles used for injecting unmentuionable drugs.

Also known as "Pas de Douche".

Fast forward to yesterday (6/8) and the former owners of Bozo the Clown and the Chicago Cubs.  Yeah, the Chicago Tribune, where someone in the Photoshop department offended hockey fans and figure skaing fans (remember “NBC: Television for Women” from Mike Wilbon during the Vancouver Olympics?) did this with Chris Pronger, noted tough guy for the Flyers:

Offending figure skaters and hockey fans as well as feminists everywhere.

Guess what, kids?  The gloves are off.  We’re tired of this shit in Philadelphia, and we’re not gonna take it.  Also not amused is Christine Brennaman of USA TODAY with this on the web site today (6/9):

“The Chicago Tribune thought it was being funny Tuesday when it printed a poster of Blackhawks’ arch-enemy Chris Pronger of the Philadelphia Flyers wearing a dress. Others said it was childish or ridiculous.

“What it really was, however, was sexist.

“‘Looks like Tarzan, skates like Jane,’ the Tribune wrote of ‘Chrissy’ Pronger, clearly using the names Jane and Chrissy as a sign of weakness. It’s the same outdated strategy broadcaster Jim Rome used in 1994 when he tried to insult quarterback Jim Everett by calling him ‘Chris’ — when we all know Chris Evert was a much tougher athlete and more successful competitor than Jim Everett ever was.

“So here we go again, this time from a newspaper that is led by a female managing editor – Jane Hirt – who clearly should know better.

‘In 2010, when millions of girls and women are playing sports in this country and around the world, how is it acceptable for a newspaper to resort to tired old sexist comparisons of this sort, trying to diminish Pronger by saying he plays like a girl? Does not one editor of the Chicago Tribune have a daughter or granddaughter who is playing a sport?

“I can think of athletes named Jane and Chrissy who have won Olympic gold medals, hit golf balls 250 yards, and yes, won 18 Grand Slam singles titles (that would be Evert).

“And I can imagine hundreds of girls and young women who play ice hockey and other rough-and-tumble sports whose names happen to be Jane and Chrissy.

“Today, they are not laughing.”

Also offended was Olympic ice hockey player Angela Ruggiero, who said this:

“‘I’d like to see that editor out on skates. I’ll take them one-on-one on the ice any day. They obviously have never seen women’s hockey and are living in the dark ages.’

“Ruggiero found out about the poster via Twitter and expressed disappointment and anger that such demeaning portrayals of women and hockey are still being made.

“‘For her and others who took offense, I apologize. No qualifiers, I’m sorry,’ Tribune sports editor Mike Kellams said in an e-mail. ‘We were just having a little fun with a guy who has come to personify all that has gotten under the collective skin of Blackhawks fans. Pronger is talented that way. And we were trying to connect to that emotion in a fun way.’

“‘I grew up in Indiana and came to hockey as an adult. Ruggiero vs. me on the rink would be no contest. I know that from what she and her team did at the Vancouver Olympics.’

“Ruggiero will be in Bensenville, Illinois, later this month for the Angela Ruggiero Girls Hockey School, but said she won’t be buying the Tribune and plans to send an e-mail voicing her displeasure.

“‘Some people are still ignorant,’ Ruggiero said. ‘Our sport doesn’t get a lot of exposure, so you have to see us play in the world championships or the Olympics to see what the highest caliber of women’s hockey is.

“‘Obviously, it’s offensive. It’s disappointing more than anything. I grew up playing with boys, trained with NHL players. I would go head-to-head with Pronger any day I could.'”

I’d rather see her cross check Kellams into the boards and break his back unless his boss – Jane Hirt – sacks him first.

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