Okay, Jeffrey Motherfucking Lurie, TOP THIS!

This will be posted any second now at Roy Halladay Facts:

“Curt Henning lost the title of ‘Mister Perfect’ to Roy Halladay 6/28/10.”

So finally, Jeffrey Motherfucking Lurie has been one-upped.  And so have the Philadelphia Flyers.  And the winner of tonight’s Lakers-Suns NBA Western Conference Finals Game Six.

Remember the crap he pulled in the middle of the Phillies’ affairs?  Lurie signed Michael Vick, noted animal killer in the midst of a meaningless exhibition, er, excuse me, pre-season game in August, right in the middle of the Phillies’ run to another pennant.  Then on the night before the start of the Halladay era in Washington before the game against the Nationals, Lurie ripped the headlines from the Phils again (and the Redskins from the Natinals as well as the Capitals) with the Donavan McNabb trade.

Revenge is a dish served best to people of taste when it is served cold.  And for the Lurie haters here in Philadelphia, how sweet it is.

About jamesrussellcraven
Native Philadelphian, longtime sports fan and man about bon vivant.

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