100% Hosed, West Virginia…

The brackets and seeding are out for the 2010 Road to the Final Four (Brand name, not an adjective) and the outrage you hear comes from the state with fifteen million people and the same 200 last names.  This for a school that clearly won their conference tourney but was screwed over by a school with a reputation for cupcake schedules in their own state!

West Virginia won the 2010 Big East Championship over Georgetown back on Saturday night (3/13), but were screwed over royally like Vince McMahon on Bret Hart by the NCAA D-I Men’s Basketball Championship Committee for league rival Syracuse, who had lost earlier that week to the same Hoya Paranoias in a quarterfinal.  The major problem for years with Whining Jim Boeheim’s schedule tendencies was that he scheduled games from within New York State not named St. John’s University to get beaten big time in front of 33,000 fans at the Carrier Dome.  The Mountaineers’ biggest games were against the likes of The Ohio State University, Texas A&M and Purdue, whereas the Men of Orange are up on cupcakes like St. Bonaventure, the State University of New York at Albany and St. francis of New York.  And when the final RPI was discovered, Syracuse was five and WVU was four.  So guess who got the fourth top seed in March Madness after Kansas, Kentucky and Duke?

Motherfucking Syracuse.  Okay, Syracuse won the only head-to-head meeting earlier in the year, but RPI should matter when it comes to seedings IMHO, plus how you did there in conference tourneys. And did we also detail that another Big East team, Louisville, beat the Orange twice? West Virginia won their meeting with the Cardinals.  As a matter of fact, Syracuse was the only at-large team to grab that #1 seed.  The Jayhawks, Wildcats and Blue Devils won their conference tournaments.

The bottom line is that lose in a conference tourney, your seeding will be lower.  And that is why I predict Syracuse will not get out of the second round.

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4 Responses to 1004 Hosed, West Virginia…

  1. JFein says:

    Also on Syracuse’s non-conference schedule:

    #15 Robert Morris W 100-60
    #12 Cornell W 88-73
    #14 Oakland W 92-60.

    You conveniently forget the fact that apart from a couple slip ups against Louisville, Syracuse completely dominated the Big East including getting a victory over 2-seeded Villanova. Cornell may be Ivy League, but they are no cupcake this year and are vastly underseeded as a 12. They should be an 11 or a 10. When arguing Syracuse, why do you always forget that Syracuse’s record against #3 seeded Georgetown this season is 2-1? Seeding wise, the only screw job is that Syracuse should actually be seeded HIGHER than they were. They should be the 3rd 1-seed while Duke should be below them.

    The argument that Syracuse will struggle in the first 2 rounds is a very valid point, but you give no reasons as to why. Arinze Onuaku will likely not play in the Vermont game and frankly, who knows what will happen when they re-match Vermont and the prospect of a 2nd round game with Gonzaga should scare the poop out of ‘Cuse. The Zags are another team that were underseeded this year and they just so happen to match up well against them.

    RPI should count a bit, but that is not the only factor in seeding. There is also SOS, the dreaded “Eye Test”, and most of all, the overall body of work on the court throughout the entire season with no emphasis on any part of the schedule.

    Duke and WVU were neck and neck for a 1-seed and it could have gone either way, but the only real glaring mistake that I think the committee made with 1-seeds is Duke as a higher 1-seed over Syracuse and aside from the WVU backers, you will have a hard time finding a knowledgeable college basketball fan who disagrees with that assessment.

  2. JFein says:

    You can scratch that last part of the comment as Jason Whitlock agrees with you about Syracuse.


  3. This may be the first time that the noted reverse racist has ever agreed with me on one thing.

    I’m wondering if wonders will ever cease after that.

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